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Sing it

If you are from Columbia you have all the inspiration you could possibly need. USE IT. LYRICS.

Dioclends responds:

i from colombia the country yes and if i sing it won't sound that great 'cause my voice is awful and groove and anyway i don't have micro now it's broken. but thanks for the review i hope you like the instrumental

I know where you're coming from

I know what these lyrics are about. Good representation of what you feel.

StickyRemnant responds:

It's about pie! ;)

This will be a shitty review

I hope you listen to Mad Caddies. If you don't, that's nuts that you made something so similar. All I wanted to say. This made me smile.

Timohi responds:

Thanks for review. Not as shitty as you think :)
Glad that we made you smile, it's just a small step in getting mind control over the world :)))

I'm a copycat

I also give it an 8. I definitely like the melody of the (guitar?) Don't think I've forgotten about Corkscrew Punch. You should make an off (insane) folk waltz. 4/5

Jeepis responds:

That melody is the vocal melody.

Ive been sleeping with this song every night

Made me smile. Thanks guys

TheClitcheDude responds:

Haha cool! Glad you enjoyed.

A musician after my own heart

I feel the same vibe from these freestyles as I get my own. One day people will realize the talent it takes to do this. Made up words are the best even if they describe women. I feel like we could do an awesome collaberation. (spelling?) Check out my acoustic song the insane and the dead and tell me if your interested. Freestyle Acoustic Nation FTW

BrandonHicks15 responds:

Yeah! I'll check it out. I would love to do some duel writing.

Thanks for the score!

Procreation never helped anyone

There were parts I really liked but you were right, it is a work in progress. The intro up to about 30 seconds in was enjoyable but you starting falling off tempo slightly after that. Of course, it is well made but to the careful ear it is easy to see that you need to practice your speed and timing. This is not my area of expertise genre-wise but I do know that it sounds generic to me, and I don't listen to hardcore or metal. The one way to make this song very fancy and less generic would be to practice the speed mutes so you can play them about 100% faster there fore giving the impression you spent a lot of time on the song. Reminds me of Children of Bodom, which I used to listen to way way way back in the days of learning guitar. That's a compliment. Never give up and you'll never fail.

bipolarmunkey responds:

Yea man. I never used a click track for this one, but you're absolutely right about the tempo issue. It's a bit off in some places. Regardless, I appreciate you taking time to share an honest review. thanks

Good Stuff

Hey man, I could totally make lyrics for this and sing them for you. I think I could record them too. I hear the song in my head and I like it.

Jeepis responds:

Go ahead. If you send them to me, I'll try and mix them in. Just, please, no cliche lovey-dovey stuff. xD

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